Colorbond Roofing

COLORBOND®: Maitland Roofing’s best offer

COLORBOND® is your best option if you want to give your home a modern look. With a large selection of lines and colours to choose from, you are sure to find one that will suit the theme and motif you want for your dream home. If you are looking to install COLORBOND® roofing, Maitland Roofing is the name to call.

Maitland Roofing holds the largest selection of colours in New South Wales when it comes to COLORBOND® roofing, so you do not have to look elsewhere. We even have a colour range that includes Exclusive, Classic, Stylish, and Premium lines. We also offer different grades such as Ultra and Stainless Steel. You can also take a look at our high and low gloss COLORBOND® products.

maitland colorbond roofing


COLORBOND® is an advanced pre-painted steel product that is very popular and is widely used in the construction industry. Because of the versatility and longevity of COLORBOND® roofing, Maitland Roofing uses it instead of traditional iron sheets. It has an oven-baked finish which allows it to last through many years of use. It holds its own against extreme weather conditions such as powerful winds and hail, and against common house pests like termites. It does not chip, crack or peel. And like any other metal, it serves as an extra protection from fire as it is not combustible.

Make sure to check the COLORBOND® Sample for accuracy

In order to ensure that you get the right colour for COLORBOND® roofing, Maitland Roofing recommends comparing your chosen colour with the actual COLORBOND® product as there may be slight differences.

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