Introducing Maitland Roofing’s Guttering Solutions

Through expert guttering, Maitland Roofing takes away the waterfalls from your front door. We install top quality Ace Gutter Guards and other guttering products to give you the results you want and need. We have products with weather-resistant finish. Our painted guttering items come in 80% and 25% gloss ranges, with the former bearing the same shine as a car. You can either choose between our range of 25 attractive colours or our plain steel gutters.

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Check out our selection of gutters

Ace Nu-Line
The Nu-Line is a combination of a gutter and a fascia. Also called fascia or eaves guttering, Maitland Roofing can install it directly on the roof rafters even without a timber fascia.

Ace Mini-Line
This smaller version of the Nu-Line gutter attaches onto the fascia through brackets. It has 20% more water capacity than the Quad Gutter, and contains overflows at the front, making it ideal for areas with heavy downpour.

Ace Square-Line
The Square-Line is ideal for car ports and garages. It needs to be folded at the corners to eliminate the need for brackets and external angles. Like the Mini-Line, it has overflow features so it works great in areas with heavy rains.

Ace Half-Round
This gutter features the semi-circular shape common to gutters in Europe. Its shape gives it a lot of advantages, such as greater water capacity and travel speed, compared to conventional gutters. It is also self-cleaning. To attach this guttering, Maitland Roofing would have to use brackets.

Ace Roundline
The Roundline features the same cylindrical shape of the Half-Round but its back is flat and its does not need brackets. It also comes with a self-cleaning feature.

Ace Quad
The Quad used to be a popular implement of colonial homes, but it is currently rising in popularity even among new buildings. It is slotted and comes with overflows to manage extraneous downpour.

Ace old Style Quad
This is similar to the Quad but it has a lower front and does not feature overflow holes. This item is available only in NSW and ACT.

Steel Fascia
In guttering, Maitland Roofing uses the Steel Fascia in new houses. Needing no repainting and very minimal maintenance, this fascia is more convenient and economical than its timber counterparts. It can also be used to cover fading or rotting fascia boards.

Know more about your guttering options. Maitland Roofing guarantees high standards of gutter guards installation and other roofing services. Call us today!